Convention Center Advertising

Are you going to promote your brand or product with San Diego convention center advertising? Contact us to get one of the best marketing tools, attract crowds of customers and benefit from the campaign to the uttermost!

Why should you decide on Convention Center?

This venue is one of the most popular in the world annually hosting numerous events like trade shows and exhibitions. The huge premises can house a lot of people meaning that you get access to a wide audience already motivated to become your customers. The only thing you should do is to develop your marketing strategy and participate in the event applying various marketing options. 

Why should you prefer this very center? The answer is as clear as noonday! Just imagine:

  1. Here there are 615 701 square feet of exhibit space and seven roomy premises which will be filled in with your would-be customers! 
  2. The center has been updated recently. Now the facility is completed with modern utility lines and equipment providing great opportunities. 
  3. Its convenient location is another advantage. It is built in the downtown area on a picturesque bay with breathtaking views around. The nice hotel and restaurants are situated next to it. And you will get to the center from the airport in about 10 minutes. 

Thus, if you are going to represent your brand in this center, you can use all available promotional methods and in addition benefit from an important tool of convention marketing – outdoor advertising on pedicabs and it is beyond argument that it will meet your expectations. 

What do we offer?

Urban Pedicabs is a company specializing in promoting the exhibitors in the Convention Center in San Diego. We provide:

  • an efficient and affordable outdoor advertising on pedicabs – little cars transporting passengers to any destination within the bounds of the downtown area. The advertisement is placed on its sides drawing the attention of passersby and riders themselves. Such interaction with customers brings a perfect result and builds up a sound reputation. 
  • sponsored rides which are available absolutely for free.
  • additional services. The drivers take on the role of a brand ambassador distributing print advertising materials provided by an owner of a promoted brand. 

Among our clients are Samsung and Showtime which benefit from a cost effective and rewarding promotional company with pedicabs.

The product as it is

Being classified as green means of transportation, a pedicab will add to an environmental aspect of your public standing. This is a little cab with a driver’s seat and several seats for passengers. Only experienced and friendly operators in uniform are involved to guarantee safety and positive effect. They know the surroundings and conduct a brief tour while riding to make this event even more memorable.

Are you ready to get a ride in urban pedicabs around the area? Be sure that a lot of guests of the city do it during a year with excitement and there is a high chance that they will see your advertising on it! They will remember their positive experience and that pleaser will be associated with your brand too.


Within convention center San Diego advertising you can also use various marketing products printed at Urban Sign&Print. You will not be able to manage without trade show displays, banners, signs, and so on! We’ll do every enlisted item remarkable and one-of-a-kind targeted on your unique customer. There are various shapes, sizes, materials, and other options. The detailed offering, business terms and conditions are specified at Delegate task performance to our managers and you will be satisfied with a solution.

San Diego pedicab Convention Center advertising
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