Pedicab advertising is the way to get noticed in downtown San Diego. Pedicabs are parked in front of every major hotel and ride around the entire Gaslamp district. Convention visitors are especially exposed to pedicabs since most pedicabs work within several blocks of the Convention Center.

Pedicab Branding

Urban Pedicabs is a San Diego based company that specializes in pedicab branding, convention sponsorship, field marketing and sponsored rides. We will position your brand through experiences that no other traditional form of advertising can offer. Unlike traditional static AD signs we engage and interact with with the consumers delivering your brand straight to them. Our sponsored fleet offering absolutely free rides to consumers is a great way to increase the likability of your brand. 

The memories of fun rides will linger in the minds of passengers long after the ride is over. Not to mention that being a green form of transportation is good not only for our planet but for your brand as well. Our professional drivers will also act as great brand ambassadors by delivering brochures and other promotional materials of your choise.

San Diego Urban Pedicabs company
San Diego Urban Pedicabs company

Convention Center Advertising

Urban Pedicabs specializes in promoting and advertising the sponsors of San Diego Convention Center exhibitors offering a new unconventional approach to outdoor advertising. Unlike static signs or billboards pedicabs are interactively mobile, always on the move creating novelty and drawing attention.

San Diego pedicab Convention Center advertising

Sponsored Pedicab Rides

Reserve our pedicabs for exclusive complimentary rides for your convention attendees or other clientele of your choice. Urban Pedicabs will provide the ultimate and fun experience in getting your clients to and from corporate events. Our professional drivers will transport your clients in a branded pedicab creating great memories for attendees and delivering your brands message to general public. We also engage in field marketing services. Our team will distribute flyers, brochures, coupons and other marketing materials of your choice.

Long Term Advertising

Pick the length of your pedicab outdoor advertising campaign which can range from a single day to a whole year, provide us with graphics and we will do the rest! Our team will have you graphics printed and installed. Then our pedicab drivers will cruise your ad on a daily basis through the busiest streets of San Diego Downtown, Little Italy, Harbor etc. The wrapped pedicab will attract a lot more attention and impressions to your brand due to the uniqueness this kind of transportation brings. Numerous people will snap photos of a moving pedicab thus capturing your brand too!

Long term pedicab branding is ideal for local business to bring the awareness to locals, and big brands as well, to increase the impressions during big events.

San Diego pedicab advertising

Coverage Areas

San Diego pedicabs mainly operate in Downtown, Gaslamp, Marina District, San Diego Embarcadero North, Little Italy and San Diego Harbor area. These are the most attracting areas for tourists, locals and business visitors. Our pedal cabs provide safe and reliable transportation within these areas. We can pick you up and drop you off in an area of your choice without any delays or traffic jams. Or we can turn a short trip into a long one if sightseeing is what you are after!

San Diego pedicab company coverage area
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