Parked pedicab on the street

What You Need to Know About Pedicabs

The name pedicab may sound strange but that’s because it is not usually called by that name. The more common appellation is cycle rickshaw or bicycle taxis.


Lined up pedicabs with canopies during Comic Con

Get Your Brand Featured During Sand Diego Comic-Con With Pedicab Outdoor Advertising

Advertising at trade shows is one of the best ways to reach your target audience directly as millions of like-minded individuals converge on a particular venue for several hours.


Eight pedicabs in the front of the San Diego Convention Center

Perks of Becoming a Pedicab Driver

Driving a pedicab is one way to make good money on the side, especially if you are a student and it is the summer.


Pedicab driver riding pedicab

Benefits of Pedicab Advertising During San Diego Convention Center Events

Billboards are clearly a good and effective form of advertisement, which you pass by every day to work and it keeps reminding you to get that product you love or checking it out for those who haven’t. 


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