San Diego Pedicab Advertising vs Traditional Static Media Advertising

San Diego Pedicab Advertising vs Traditional Static Media Advertising

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At a time when pedicab advertising is gradually becoming a trend again, many advertisers are researching new ways to leverage on San Diego pedicab for pushing their brands far beyond their locality. Of course, you might want to raise a few arguments on why traditional static media advertising should be favored over pedicabs advertising. 

However, if you analyze from a professional perspective, you would already realize that there are some reasons why Pedicab Advertising is better. Perhaps better shouldn’t be used in this context, but what we are saying is that Pedicabs advertising offers quite some unique benefits that will push your brand beyond how most traditional static advertising media can. Here, let’s take a look at a few reasons why pedicabs advertising may be better, then leave you to make your pick. We will be using San Diego Pedicab as our case study here.


San Diego Pedicab has become an interesting way for SMEs to take their brands beyond the borders of San Diego. Guess what? It’s even a lot cheaper than traditional advertising. Yes, some traditional advertising media may offer a good level of reach too, but certainly, they don’t grab as much attention as most San Diego Pedicabs do.

Interaction and Experience

These pedicabs are designed to grab instant attention and hold it for a long time. They are usually exclusive, so, your ad will be the only one there. This is quite unlike traditional advertising screens where you will have to share screen time with tons of other brands. Hence, if the goal of your campaign is to build interaction and experience for your brand, then San Diego pedicabs are your best bet. This is because they are mostly placed in towns and cities where a good level of footfall is expected.

Field Marketing

San Diego Pedicab offers more exposure for your brand, giving your business a good opportunity to reach the people that will really buy. Part of the reason for this is the ability of Pedicab operators to work both as brand ambassadors, flyer distributors, brochure distributors, and even coupons. This means that it is not only the Pedicabs doing the work of creating awareness for your brand but the operators too. This makes them much more effective than traditional advertising. 

Taking your brand to the streets just got better, and of course, you know that’s where the crowd are. The unique thing about this mode of advertising is that it costs far less than most other traditional advertising methods, so you will be getting your brand where it matters at less cost.

Green Advertising

Using San Diego Pedicabs for advertising your brand will not only place it where it will be seen, but it will also position your brand as an environmentally conscious brand. So, you are not only getting better reach but also helping to sustain the environment.

No doubt, both traditional advertising, and pedicabs are effective channels that SMEs can use to push their brands to a wider reach of their target audience. However, San Diego Pedicabs have proven to be more effective for taking brand names to the street where they are needed.

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