The Most Effective Physical Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand

The Most Effective Physical Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand

Wherever you go, you get hit with marketing. Whether it is an ad on TV or some banner close to your house, everyone wants you to gain exposure to them and patronize them when you need a service that they prove. While some companies have been able to pioneer amazing marketing strategies, others have faded with the times.

Here is a look at some of the most effective outdoor marketing techniques still being use today.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising out there, so there is no reason to dwell so much on it. The biggest benefit of this form of advertising is the reach and consistency; people who put as on billboards generally hope that they can reach thousands of people who pass by, and by seeing the billboards more often, people will get endeared to the brand.

billboard advertising  

Transit Advertising

It might be a bit novel, but transit advertising is definitely getting a lot of traction these days. With transit advertising, you place ads and banners on taxis, buses, and other means of traveling. This way wherever the vehicle goes, your ads go too. 

transit advertising examples

Retail Advertising

Retail advertising is perhaps the most utilized form of marketing out there. Placing ads on banners, store fronts, window films, and much more is almost commonplace, and if you are to truly get the right results, then you will need to get in touch with a professional large format printing company to help you out with some innovative placement strategies. Regardless, this form of marketing can yield awesome results if done right. 

window film retail advertising example

Sticker Marketing 

Sticker marketing is just as effective as it was years ago. Under this form of marketing, you get stickers and put them on pretty much any surface you can find. People who come across these surfaces are able to get in touch with the brand, and constant exposure could provide leads.

However, the best way of applying sticker marketing will be to put these stickers on surfaces that move; including and especially vehicles. 

sticker marketing examples

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing leans on the elements of surprise and bombardment; you get your brand to the faces of people who will not expect it, thus leaving them with a lasting impression of your business. For customers who appreciate the value of boldness and innovation, guerilla advertising is a great catch indeed. 

guerilla marketing example

Mobile Advertising

Just as it is with transit advertising, mobile advertising relies a great deal on means of transportation to thrive. However, the difference between both s that while transit advertising could take your brand across several cities (due to the reach of buses and some taxis), mobile advertising, which relies on pedicab vehicles and other related modes of transportation, is more targeted and local. 

mobile pedicab advertising

Street Furniture

Ads placement on street furniture is also a great way of getting a brand or organization out there. Since street furniture (such as benches and more) are almost always being use, putting stickers or other promotional material close to the will definitely get the type of traction you need. 

bus stop advertising

Point of Sale Displays

In terms of innovative marketing methods, point of sale displays are actually not so bad. This form of marketing involves placing ads carefully at areas where people make payments. It could be the checkout at a local department store, or close to the drive thru at a local restaurant. People who stop there are able to interact with your brand, and given the level of traffic that these stations get, you will surely be able to gain proper exposure. 

point of sale advertising

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