Benefits of Pedicab Advertising During San Diego Convention Center Events

Benefits of Pedicab Advertising During San Diego Convention Center Events

San Diego Pedicab driver riding pedicab

Billboards are clearly a good and effective form of advertisement, which you pass by every day to work and it keeps reminding you to get that product you love or checking it out for those who haven’t. Yes no doubt, this is really great. But have you taken a while to imagine how effective “mobile billboards” would be? that even transports your potential clients to their destinations?.

This is exactly what pedicab advertising is all about and it keeps sprouting up at a massive rate in big cities and it has the potential of reaching across to a very large number that you wouldn’t even imagine.

One good thing is that exhibitors now make use of this mobile form of advertisement at the San Diego Convention Center for their events, to get the attention of the convention attendees. There would so many people on the move during the convention so this just the perfect way for you to get their attention is more ways than one.

Pedicab is a small, comfy, taxi-like bicycle, with sides, back, and canopies right on top of each car for advertisement which is an effective way of getting your brand name stuck in the minds of potential leads. So if you are planning your next exhibit at San Diego Convention Center, Pedicab Advertising should be the first on your list, and here are the benefits you stand to gain.

Relaxed and personal rides

One sole objective every exhibitor aims to achieve is the satisfaction of customers, with the convention and the brand. They achieve this by offering personal service and maximum relaxation to potential clients.

Pedicab hires good drivers with interpersonal skills and customer service, and the cabs are comfy too, which gives customers a pleasant and memorable experience.

Mobile advertising

This form of advertisement takes your brand to the next level. This isn’t like a tradition billboard that stays just at a place, Pedicab takes this advertisement to the people themselves, reaching out to thousands of people in San Diego.

Trust me this will attract more customers, that you wouldn’t have ordinarily achieved through mere trade show booth.

Standing out of the crowd

Using pedicabs for your brand advertisement makes you different from the other brands. It’s a widely used way of going in and out of trade shows, using it will make your message gain more exposure and stand out exceedingly.

You can make this more of a unique experience for them by giving out samples of your products, pamphlets or brochures, these are lasting impressions on customers which grows your brand.

Cost efficient/flexibility

The cost of Pedicab Advertising at the San Diego Convention Center is really less expensive when compared to the cost of traditional advertisement. Pedicabs also run adverts either for a long or short time frame.

It could be for hours, weeks or months, their main objective is targeting high-traffic periods, like the beginning or end of a trade show. The beginning draws more attention to your booth, it goes out to where other outdoor media’s can’t, turning these people into lifetime customers. You spend less, while you build a steady or balanced income with a pedicab.

Building loyalty to a business

Pedicab goes extra miles in building loyalty for your brand. This could be done by offering freebies in the form of free rides to potential customers. Think of it, we all love anything free, and a free ride sounds really good and fun.

This method attracts many attendees who also sightsee the destination, and you know things like this are hardly forgotten, it builds a customers loyalty to that brand thereby generating more sales.


This means of transportation is very friendly, your customers will get to have a full taste and view of nature’s gift to us, like the sunshine and fresh air, this sounds just like fun!

There are other benefits you’ll be getting from using our pedicab service like assured wider visibility. The pedicab drivers are also trained to play their own part in enlightening customers on your products and directing them to your booth at trade shows.

Staying relevant in business is key to generating more sales, make use of this opportunity to grow your brands and maintain that recognition. You know, keeping it simple most times is the best!

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