Perks of Becoming a Pedicab Driver

Perks of Becoming a Pedicab Driver

Pedicabs in the front of the San Diego Convention Center

Driving a pedicab is one way to make good money on the side, especially if you are a student and it is the summer. Apart from meeting new people who might be touring the location where you work during the summer, you also get to save more before it is time for resumption. That is one great way to spend your summer — have fun, and make money while at it.

You might want to think of a whole lot of their things you could do with your summer rather than being a pedicab driver, well, before you make a decision on whether you want to be a pedicab driver or not, here are a few perks of becoming one.

  • Your time, your work: Unlike other summer jobs where you will have to resume at work in the morning, and return home at the close of work, pedicab driving is something you can do at your own time. You can decide to wait till it is afternoon when all the tourists will be out, or you can decide to go in the morning, so you can hit the beach with your friends in the afternoon. You see? All that fun you were afraid of not having, you can still have. You can also decide to do the evening till late night runs as well. Or better yet if you are the type who would like to work more than one jobs in the summer, this is the perfect idea for you. You could work at the coffee shop and still work as a pedicab driver.
  • The tips are amazing: By the end of the day, when you are calculating just how much you have made, it might surprise you that the tips might be up to half of your earnings for the day. You get to meet cheery customers who are willing to tip big, just because you have a great conversation.
  • You meet new people, and learn new things: Tourism brings people together from all walks of life, and as much as they enjoy looking at the scenery and having conversations about the place they are in, they also love an opportunity to talk about where they traveled from. As a pedicab driver, you are the recipient of most of this information, and if you are great at having conversations, you might just learn about new cultures and food, and places that you might have never known existed. Plus it would be amazing to have a friend from a far away country, who will be willing to send postcards on birthdays and Christmas.
  • It pays better than rideshare: While rideshare takes a cut from all of your earnings, pedicab simply requires that you pay your lease, and after which every other money you make while working is yours. There is a possibility of making up to $500 on a busy day, which is a lot more than you will get from rideshare because you get to keep both your earnings and your tips all to yourself, just as long as you have paid the lease fee.
  • It is a great way to save money: A lot of people are usually bothered about college funds, especially if you do not have money set out for it already. It would not be a bad idea to spend your summer saving up for college by driving a pedicab. Since you can make up to $500 on really busy days and night, you can take out a portion to save up for stuff you would need. Ending the summer with a sizable sum does not sound like such a bad idea.

Driving a pedicab comes with these really amazing perks that anyone should take advantage of. Whether you are a student home for the summer holiday, our you are a working class person looking for a side weekend hustle. Driving a pedicab is one hell of a way to earn and save money. If you are going to be singing Ariana’s 7 rings, you should be able to earn it, and one great way to earn it is by becoming a pedicab driver. Here’s to having an eventful, money making summer.

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