Comic Con Advertising San Diego

Comic Con Advertising in San Diego

Consider San Diego Comic Con advertising if you want to butter your bread on both sides and capture opportunities to increase your sales and incomes! We’ll teach how you can do it at best value!

Event coming with numerous chances

Annually, a comic festival is held in San Diego. It was found in 1970. Now the show is also known as Comic-Con International and arranged by a nonprofit public corporation to contribute to development of popular art like comics. This is pure entertainment including screening fantasy, horror, anime films, representing various comic books, popular arts, and pop culture elements. You can find even card games and toys here. The event attracts huge crowds, and that can be regarded as a perfect opportunity for promotion of your business. Wait till you hear this! About 130 000 attendants can view your advertisement during four days at least! And among them there are fans, special guests, famous authors of films, publishers of books, and creators of comics. The audience grows with every passing year. Before they occupied the Convention Center. Nowadays, the festival comes with a kind of campus-type feel due to plenty of outdoor locations in downtown San Diego. 

comic con advertising san diego

We are here to get you there

And here everybody can grab a lovely pedicab with a driver’s seat and a couple of seats for passengers to take view of the surroundings or just to get from one location to the other. They are very popular for three key reasons:

  1. Pedicabs ride everywhere in Downtown and around the local sights attracting guests of the city and locals. 
  2. The cab is operated with pedals that is why it is environmentally friendly and absolutely reliable. 
  3. It is allowed to stop at any place a passenger chooses. And apparently traffic jams will not prevent from getting to the needed destination timely.

For Comic Con San Diego advertising all sides of cabins can be covered with printed messages mentioning brand or any other message. The Urban Pedicabs company is ready to provide you with the total scope of services for a promotion campaign. The engaged professional drivers will not only transport passengers carefully creating a positive impression but also offer the advertising material like catalogues, brochures, business cards.

Pedicab for promotional purposes

These little pedal cars can be taken then and there by guests of the event or can be reserved for exclusive and sponsored rides by participants to attract their customers. The pedicabs are always on the move through the busiest streets of San Diego Downtown and other places. Thousands of people meet them, snap photos, and view ads. The campaign can continue for a single day or during the year – all depends on your promotional plan. Just prepare the graphics you want to see and our managers will arrange the things:

  • print the images and messages with our modern equipment;
  • install the ad in the best way possible;
  • support the concept delivering the print promotional material to the passengers.

You will raise the profile of your business or product during such a big event as Comic-Con.

In addition, we recommend entrepreneurs to consider other San Diego Comic Con advertising techniques. For instance, you will need trade show stands, if you take part in this festival. And definitely you will benefit from banners, signs, and stickers attracting attention to your brand. There are numerous options including different material, shapes, sizes, configurations. Reach out Urban Sign&Print to place an order for these marketing products and get the fastest result possible without compromising on quality. Here you can find details.

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