Pedicab sponsorship San Diego

Pedicab sponsorship San Diego

Do you want to make presence known? Do you want to boost your business, brand, event, convention, and prove you are community-minded? Then, start with pedicab sponsorship in San Diego! Contact Urban Sign&Print to figure out the details, provide an artwork design that should be printed on an entirely green transportation! We handle everything!

Advantage of a pedicab

A pedicab is an environmentally friendly transport facility in the form of a tricycle. It is equipped with a separate driver seat and a couple of two passenger seats covered with a top to protect from sun and rain. The hallmark of this three-wheeled cab is that it is moved by pedaling. As a result, it does not produce any vehicle exhaust gas. A pedicab is not as fast as modern cars but it is ecological, unusual, and allows watching the sights around as far as it runs slowly. The drivers are often licensed tour guides and can offer fascinating stories about localities. This is a reason that a pedicab is so popular among native persons and guests of San Diego being a tourist attraction which cannot be missed.

AEI branded san diego pedicabs
AEI pedicab outdoor advertising campaign in San Diego. Includes: sponsored free rides, pedicab branding, Convention Center sponsorship


Effective advertising strategy

Pedicab sponsorship sd is extremely efficient drawing in attention from people of various ages, activities, preferences – everybody who walk the streets in the center of San Diego see pedicabs and everything they deliver. It is vital to get people interested in a brand or product. There are additional ways like billboards, TV, and other media. But they are much more expensive.

Looking for something fresh and affordable for an advertising campaign? We are going to list the benefits of using a pedicab for this purpose so that you could see for yourself that this idea is right what you need.

  1. This is a kind of mobile display with a printed information catching an eye.
  2. It is able to reach as many customers as possible due to its slow riding around the crowded places. 
  3. It grabs attention because of its out-of-the-way design and that reinforces your promotion efforts.
  4. It provides so many spaces for ad (backs, sides).
  5. Being fun, pedicabs will be well regarded and the ad will be associated in mind of an attendee with that positive feeling.
  6. They will leave a lasting impression on peoples around and the information will be remembered for a long time. 
  7. This kind of promotion is cost efficient compared to other methods and available for the shortest time coming with a flexible timeframe.
  8. It is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation which is quite important for most people nowadays which prefer to enjoy fresh air while moving around the city. Besides, it puts your business in a favorable light.
  9. It guarantees that the ad will target the audience as far as it attracts delivering people to the key venues or sights.

Our advantages

Urban Sign&Print provides the customers with the richest opportunities. You can print any advertisement for sponsorship and rely on us as on a reliable partner. We guarantee that:

  • the most complicated images can be displayed regardless of detail degree;
  • graphic will be printed using innovative technologies with UV protected inks which will remain bright and colorful for a long time in direct sunlight;
  • the hues will be just as considered but the slight variation from monitor colors is possible;
  • printing will be completed without delay;
  • our pricing is affordable but without compromising on quality;
  • everybody can count on discounts at particular moments.

You can discuss the San Diego pedicab sponsorship with our managers while calling us or visiting our office i. They offer an accurate consultation about the products and terms of collaboration, accept an order and perform the task as soon as possible. The customer is welcomed to ask about an order status at any moment during a working day.

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