Trip Actions Pedicab Campaign 2018

Trip Actions Pedicab Campaign 2018

Urban Pedicabs was booked by Trip Actions to perform a creative campaign in San Diego during Convention Center trade show.

Markets: San Diego, Gaslamp Quater, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego Downtown, Embarcadero.

Objective: The client wanted to create Trip Actions brand exposure during the rush hours at the Convention Center. 10 Pedicabs were lined up in front of San Diego Convention Center and offer sponsored free rides to all attendees. Riders were also engaged in field marketing, distributing flyers. All drivers were wearing same t-shirts and hats matching the artwork on Urban Pedicabs.

Sponsored free rides were given to everyone willing to take one. Urban Pedicabs were also used to transport Trip Actions employees to certain parties during the event.

Campaign specifics: 10 fully wrapped pedicabs, T-shirts and hats wearing, field marketing, certain hours branding exposure.

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